As the only subscription-based SEL program that uses pop culture and developmental psychology to empower students to maximize their full potential, we’re obsessed with pop music and its power to illuminate our understanding of human nature. 

In this week’s newsletter, we’ll study a few songs that have social currency in our zeitgeist and unpack how these songs have the power to transform and elevate the human condition — especially within the lives of one’s students.


Welcome to the weekly roundup!
Here are some goodies we found that we think you might like:

READ: This school teacher in The Netherlands missed her students so much, she learned how to knit and spent nearly 100 hours making doll replicas of each of her pupils. 

WATCH: An anonymous donor donated $8 million dollars to pay off the student debt of over 400 low-income, first generation graduates in California. 

READ: After Marco’s Pizza shop was robbed in Texas, the owner responded with empathy: “We’ll make sure your family get’s a meal.” 

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