Revisiting the music of Marley in a time of anger & frustration.

Chaos and uncertainty have a funny way of bringing out the worst in people and we can see this today in the gridlock and inter-party pettiness that has become the norm in Washington, DC. But it’s important to channel our higher instincts and love each other despite the temptation to do otherwise. 

To help us think more deeply about how we can actively choose love over fear in the weeks and months ahead, we’ll take a brief look at two of Bob Marley’s songs from his last studio album, Uprising: Could You Be Loved & Redemption Song.


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Here are some goodies we found that we think you might like:

  • Check out these words of wisdom from James Baldwin on overcoming despair with the fulcrum of love and living through the terror of existence with steadfastness and determination. 
  • Marcus Mumford has a brand new song out with Major Lazer called Lay Your Head on Me. Since they couldn’t get together to produce a music video they got their fans to do it for them in a socially distanced, responsible way. Get your tissues ready! 
  • Renowned therapist Esther Perel recorded a video message for the New York Times detailing how we’re all grieving and how to cope with the emotional toil of Covid 19. 

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