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navigate anti-racism in a new way,
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and it changes everything.

Theory of Enchantment
challenged my perception of racism
by putting it under the lens of social
and emotional awareness.

Chloé Valdary teaches anti-racism by creating a safe space for each participant to be vulnerable and incites a human connection within the group. By learning about my coworkers, my own self-awareness grew. I learned to empathize with those of opposing opinions by focusing on neurological triggers. After engaging with the training, I left with a new sense of hope of how to foster relationships with all kinds of people.

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You’ve heard what they’ve had to say.

What will your team say?

Real change. ALL LVE. No hate.

Real-life experience that backs up the Theory of Enchantment.

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Wonderful Content and Flow.

I’ve seen A LOT of presentations…that was the best. Thanks so much, Chloé and team, for bringing us that session.

Benjamin A.

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Much Gratitude and Great Work!

The readings, questions, and discussion were shifted from looking outward (as we often do) to focusing inward. Our discussion opened a new door, another perspective to life.

Seth B.
C/O Architects

Experts agree,
Chloé Valdary’s Theory of Enchantment
is notably and refreshingly different.

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Her classes have been described by graduates as “hitting home” and “revolutionary.”

Participants say they come away with more self-awareness, a better understanding of how to avoid overcompensating for their insecurities, and a greater capacity for loving themselves and others.

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I can confirm that her approach to anti-racism and inclusion really is substantively different from that of her better-known competitors.

Theory of Enchantment elicits unusual openness, trust, and engagement from ideologically diverse observers, including many critics of more conventional DEI-training approaches.

Connor F.​
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