“Be water my friend.”

In this week’s newsletter we’ll explore how surrendering to all the ups and downs of life represents the ultimate act of taking control.


Welcome to the weekly roundup! Here are some goodies we found that we think you might like:

WATCH: In Naperville, Illinois, a young woman named Olivia has brain cancer and was unable to go on her make-a-wish trip to Paris due to the pandemic. So her parents surprised her with a “night in France” — transforming her neighborhood into Paris. 

READ: In Jersey City, New Jersey, Tatiana Smith bought a fridge and stocked it for anyone who needs food to take what they need; anyone who wants to donate can too. 

WATCH: In Norwood, Massachusetts, Mark Waters tracked down Thomas Archer who was captured on video playing a piano in his antique shop. After tracking him down, he gifted him with the piano.

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Chloé Valdary sat down to chat with folks at TED about the Theory of Enchantment. Click on the photo above to watch.

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James Baldwin. Marcus Aurelius. John Mayer. Kendrick Lamar. Cheryl Strayed. Maya Angelou. Disney’s Moana. If we study, practice, and integrate the wisdom of our elders with the wisdom of our youth, perhaps we’ll be able to create a more just and compassionate society for all.

“The most we can do is try to shed light onto our suffering, so that others may begin to see their own suffering, so they can change it for themselves. A great Baldwin message that is evoked in this lesson. So important to view each other with compassion and humanity, starting with the self.”

– Emily R., student enrolled in the course