In the Theory of Enchantment Course, we use The Lion King to teach students the principles of Stoicism, and help them learn how to understand and process their own emotions. We also use this Disney film to teach students the folly of juvenile behavior and the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

But The Lion King is also useful in that it teaches us about how interconnected we all are, “from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.” And it’s worth revisiting that teaching as social unrest and movements for police reform continue to sweep across the nation. If we want to produce sustainable, lasting change, we have to internalize this broader teaching. If we don’t, we will perish. 


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Here are some goodies we found that we think you might like:

WATCH: After the Lincoln Police Department in Lincoln, Nebraska signed the “Hold Cops Accountable” pledge, the community celebrated by dancing together. 

WATCH: This group of protestors rallied around a newly married interracial couple to celebrate their wedding.

READ: 18-year-old high school senior Antonio Gwnn Jr. went out to clean the streets of his home town of Buffalo, NY, at 2 am and didn’t stop for the next 10 hours. Matt Block saw his story on the news and gifted him with a red Mustang convertible, and a local college gifted him with a full scholarship.

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