Seek The Diamond in the Rough 

In this week’s newsletter, we’ll explore the meaning of Disney’s Aladdin and unpack the central theme of the film. While it’s easy to take these childhood stories for granted, the virtues of these fairytales are universally applicable and should be used to help guide and shape our character development today in troubled times.


Welcome to the weekly roundup!
Here are some goodies we found that we think you might like:

READ: A Starbucks in Japan has opened up the first sign language store to create a “space of belonging.”

WATCH: 12-year old Jason Zgonc has been playing his trumpet at Emory Decatur Hospital for 58 nights to lift staff and patients’ spirits. 

WATCH: After her shift is over, 26-year-old nurse Damaris Silva plays the violin at 6pm 2x a week for her patients, many of whom are currently suffering from Coronavirus. 

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James Baldwin. Marcus Aurelius. John Mayer. Kendrick Lamar. Cheryl Strayed. Maya Angelou. Disney’s Moana. If we study, practice, and integrate the wisdom of our elders with the wisdom of our youth, we can create a more just and compassionate society for all.