Revisiting Brené Brown’s groundbreaking Ted Talk 

I try to watch Brené Brown’s Ted Talk, ‘The Power of Vulnerability,’ at least three times a year. If I ever need to make a critical decision that’s emotionally taxing and that requires me to “draw deep on my courage,” I turn to her 20-minute speech for guidance and wisdom. 

In this week’s newsletter, we’ll revisit the major points of Brown’s lecture — the real meaning of courage, the folly of numbing our emotions, and the importance of remembering that we are worthy of love and belonging — and think about how we can apply them to our lives, both within the context of a Covid-19 world and beyond.  


Welcome to the weekly roundup!
Here are some goodies we found that we think you might like:

  • This week I finished reading Team of Rivals, Doris Kearns Goodwin’s masterpiece biography on Abraham Lincoln. In an era of political pettiness & discord in Washington, I highly recommend you pick up a copy as the book is an incredible reminder that we are capable of rising to our higher selves even in the midst of political upheaval & civil war. 
  • Because of the global quarantine, over 100,000 flamingos have flocked to Mumbai, chilling in the wetlands & painting the landscape pink in the process. You can check out the breathtaking scene here
  • In times of sorrow, it’s important to be reminded of how truly resilient the human spirit is, and of how capable we are of moving forward even as we encounter hardship and strife. In this brief video, Sheryl Sandberg speaks about how she learned to do this in the wake of her husband’s untimely death & how we can all learn to do the same in our new global reality. 


If not, what are you waiting for! Yalla! Explore the timeless wisdom of Disney + so much more pop culture staples; learn how to use their age-old lessons to help shape your life in a time of  uncertainty. Plus, there’s a 20% off discount now live on the site! Enjoy! 

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