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The Theory of Enchantment course is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to develop a healthy sense of personal empowerment and social wellbeing in both their private lives and society at large. The course uses pop culture -- including music, Disney films, tv shows and novels --  to teach students that they cannot be in a healthy relationship with others unless they are in a healthy relationship with themselves. 

The Three Principles


We are human beings, not political abstractions.

Criticize to uplift and empower, never to tear down or destroy.

Criticize to uplift and empower, never to tear down or destroy.

We have forgotten that to be a human being means that we are complex paradoxes, contradictory, messy, and unable to be pidgeon-holed into ready-made boxes or paradigms.

 It is this realization that is a critical first step for transformative change. 


Criticize to uplift and empower, never to tear down or destroy.

Criticize to uplift and empower, never to tear down or destroy.

Criticize to uplift and empower, never to tear down or destroy.

If we want someone to change, we must believe in their capacity to change. 

In other words, if we want someone to change, ultimately, we have to demonstrate that we believe in them. It is by anchoring our criticism in a desire to see another human be successful that changes the interaction for all involved. 


Lead with Love and compassion.

Criticize to uplift and empower, never to tear down or destroy.

Lead with Love and compassion.

This is ultimately the summation of the Theory of Enchantment. When we are aware of the complexity of what it means to be a human being, and the need to criticize in order to bring about flourishing, we are more likely to lead with love and compassion.

This will enrich our relationships and our sense of self in the long-run. 


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  • "When I bump into parents of students who came to this event ...they tell me their children talked about a special speaker...I highly recommend Chloé. You will be spellbound." - Binnie Swislow, Director of Public High School Center in Chicago

  • "I got to go deep and eat with the amazing Chloé Valdary." - Sarah Silverman, comedian and commentator

  • I have never seen anyone synthesize history, life experiences, and popular culture in this way." - Angie, audience member

  • This Theory of Enchantment Framework will seriously help us in college, especially when we want to talk about difficult topics with our peers." - Alan, college student. 

  • Honestly, I've never learned more as a moderator from a speaker than from Chloé. - Benjamin, conference organizer. 

  • "[Her] ideas are...useful and ..will help us move in the right direction in defusing conflicts and tensions." - Israeli Ambassador Aviv Shir-On, The Hague, Netherlands. 

  • "I've been a mentor and friend to Chloe Valdary for years. I know her as a woman of complete integrity, striking originality and a bold independence of mind. I turn to her frequently for advice and insight, especially when it comes to the subject of millennials. And I benefit from her insights on fostering human connection and promoting human rights." - Bret Stephens, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

About Chloé Valdary

After spending a year as a Bartley fellow at the Wall Street Journal under Pulitzer prize winning journalist Bret Stephens, Chloe Valdary developed a theory of change called The Theory of Enchantment, a framework of conflict resolution and interpersonal growth rooted in themes found in pop culture. 

Since then, Chloé has lectured on this theory in communities around the world, teaching how to bring about conflict transformation and reconciliation in previously polarized spaces.Now, Chloé is taking ‘The Theory of Enchantment’ from the non-profit sector to the corporate world.

Chloe has taught in high schools, universities like Harvard and Georgetown, and at wellness conferences in the US. She provides various kinds of seminars on the topic, including two-hour presentations as well as full day-long and three-day long workshops teaching influencers, administrators, and students alike on how to use the theory in their everyday lives.

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